You can't buy happiness?

Well, try the acheta cookies, close your eyes and let your taste sensations take you away... You will feel a fuzzy, pleasant feeling of fullness and satisfaction that will lead you straight to happiness!

I try happiness

The world's first flexi-burger

Tadaaa, here is the world's first 50/50 flexi-burger made with 50% organic Swiss mealworms and 50% Swiss beef? This new type of burger is quite appealing, as it contains high quality proteins, vitamins (including B12), less saturated fats and generates a much lower environmental impact than a conventional beef burger. Plus... it's so yummy!

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The place to buy all of our Entomos products online

Discover our Entomos's products at, the online store (German or French) where all of our 20+ products are available. Gourmet Bugs is the Swiss Leader In Online Sale Of Edible Insects In Switzerland. Enjoy our products!


Are you looking for Swiss organic insects in large quantities?

Please, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be more than happy to send you a quotation!

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Swiss Made

We strive to offer edible insects and products with ecological consistency. That's why we focus on local to the max and Bio Suisse.

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Very happy to be part of it and to support the movement!

Of course, because SWISS INSECTS is a nonprofit association committed to improve the market and research environment for edible insects in Switzerland. It advocates the consumption and production of edible insects according to principles of ecology, sustainability and resource conservation.

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Can we HEALTH you?

We want to help with qualitative, safe and highly nutritious food.

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Strong legal framework

In Switzerland, we want the best quality at the best price. And, above all, without playing with food security. Our regulations are worldwide one of the most respectable and severe in the world.

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Be part of a major food evolution

We no longer have time to cry about the state of our planet, we must act now. YOU can also act now!

I'm in !

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