Magenbrot Crisps with Organic Mealworm |Tenebrio Molitor | Swiss production | 40g

Magenbrot Crisps with Organic Mealworm |Tenebrio Molitor | Swiss production | 40g

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Surprise, here is a typical seasonal Swiss-German product!

Unlike other crisps variants, this "MAGENBROT" variant is subtly sweet.


With the crispy Krupuk crisps you have the perfect introduction to the surprising world of edible insect. The ready-made crisps are ideal to surprise your guests with an aperitif or to enjoy the crisps in between, as a fine insect snack. They can be eaten directly from the packaging.

The Krupuk crisps from tapioca flour contain crispy, visible organic mealworms Tenebrio Molitor pieces. The slightly nutty flavor of the Tenebrio Molitor gives the crisps that certain something. They are made by hand by our partner In-Snekt in the Lucerne « Hinterland ».

Also available in natural, spicy and tomatoes.


Tapioca flour, WHEAT flour, sunflower oil 14%, Swiss organic Tenebrio Molitor (mealworm) 18%, EGG WHITE pasteurized CH (from the ground), cocoa powder, sacralose, vanilla sugar, lemon zest, salt, herbs.

 Allergy: Persons allergic to molluscs and crustaceans and / or house dust mites may be allergic to the consumption of insects. Contains gluten and eggs.