Protein Balls | With cricket flour | 36g

Protein Balls | With cricket flour | 36g

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The Future of Proteins Balls!

Protein balls contain only natural ingredients and a special kick: house cricket flour, rich in protein.

We are Lea and Philipp Egli, founders of Insekterei. We breed and process edible insects as a healthy and ecological source of protein.

Ingredients: dates, house crickets ground and dried (Acheta Domesticus) 26%, cashew nut, coconut oil, grated coconut.

Nutritional value per 100g: energy 424kcal, fat 22g, of which saturated fat 12g, carbohydrate 34g, of which sugar 29g, protein 21g, salt <0.1g.

Application tip: Ideal for sports or as an extra portion of protein in between.

Persons with allergies to crustaceans or house dust mites may be allergic to the consumption of insects. May contain traces of peanuts.