Cookbook Delicious Insects
Cookbook Delicious Insects

Cookbook Delicious Insects

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"Delicious Insects" by Andreas Knecht

This cookbook contains around sixty new, groundbreaking recipes with the most widely sold food insects in Western Europe: the grasshopper, the cricket and the mealworm. The book is aimed at curious and environmentally conscious connoisseurs who are ready to enter a new gastronomic experience.



  • Insects - just a trend or soon an integral part of our diet?
  • Nutrition facts and protein source
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Where and in what form are the insects on the market?
  • This is to be considered when preparing insects 
  • Preparing insects
  • This is how insects taste
  • Drinks and insects



About the author

Andreas Knecht entrepreneur, lecturer, non-fiction author (management topics) and writer (thriller). With "Cheese & Wine" he has successfully published his first culinary book, which has won several awards.

Edit Horvath was born in Hungary. The biomedical analyst now works as a painter and photographer and is also a passionate cook.