Discover Our Farm in Switzerland

We take up the challenge of running a premium edible insect factory in Switzerland

Therefore, we are a Swiss company that is fully sourced in Switzerland and also produces entirely in Switzerland. We are located in Freienbach, canton Schwyz. 

We only source organic food within a radius of just a few miles around. We find everything we need to feed our insects, such as dry foods, e.g. ground seeds, and fresh food from producers, e.g. organic vegetables that are not nice enough for conventional sale.

Building more know-how every day

At Entomos, we are pioneers in Switzerland and believe that edible insects will be part of our daily diet in the future 

Our experience is based on more than 25 years of know-how with insect breeding. In addition, Entomos is the first company in Switzerland to obtain permission to grow and sell edible insects in Switzerland. This know-how coupled with our pioneering spirit means that our efforts to contribute to a strong, innovative, competitive, state-of-the-art, and more sustainable Switzerland are every day a huge motivation and responsibility. We are motivated to open the door to a new nutritional era of the edible insects in Switzerland, which is a smart alternative to meet the huge food challenges ahead of us.

Switzerland as a high cost country

The production costs are a huge challenge that we have to manage.

Our production costs are in Swiss francs, which obliges us to guarantee the best quality and consistency with our edible insect farms for an indisputably competitive price. Currently we are not making any profits because we have to keep our products accessible in a highly competitive food market. However, we bet that we become more and more efficient in livestock farming every day, that we can achieve economies of scale (if we are able to convince more consumers, the growth of our volumes will allow us to better allocate our fixed costs, so final prices for consumers will go down). And as soon as we reach the breack-even, we will re-invest in the production tool to increase automation, thus further reducing production costs. Yes, we have work in front of us!

Are all the Entomos edible insects yet really 100% organic and Swiss made?

Yes, now they are! 

You can find all our products on, the Swiss leader in the online sale of edible insects.